Daily Report

TRT facilities?

This plea was last posted on July 15, 2023 . Note it will continue to be posted again and again until someone in ToePaw Council does something about it. Tongariro River Trail needs more facilities! Turangi is essentially a little tourist town relying on tourists for our future economic survival, so these complaints should be […]

29 absolutely irresistible reasons to visit Turangi

July 1, 2023 The very best 29 tourist attractions in Turangi School Holidays READING LIST: SWMBO just read a promotional blurb on the best 28 reasons to visit California and She compared them to what this central volcanic plateau region has to offer…  These confirm again that Turangi is one of the most beautiful places […]

Tongariro River Pools history

The school holidays always result in the easy-to-access pools on the Tongariro River being hammered. The most consistent pool for the last year or so, since the decline of the Bridge Pool, has been the Daisy Pool immediately upriver of the SH1 road bridge. The holidays also attract the usual complaints about the complete lack […]

Guided raft fishing trips

TRM are often asked by guest tourist anglers about options available for river fishing and raft trips. Our immediate strong recommendation is to combine the two into an all-day or an over-nighter with the team at the unique Mattock family farm located south of here on the Rangitikei River. Google their website on “Tarata Fishaway […]