Daily Report

How not to promote Turangi?

In response to allegations that TRM have been picking on Toe-paw Council lately – since they decided to review the status of Turangi for their “strategic destination management plan” – refer back to 2019 and 2014 reports to confirm how consistent the TRM recommendations are… From TRM 2019 Blog: TRM really do try to be […]

Why they should rebrand Turangi?

Taupo Council post as follows – quote: “Our friends at Destination Great Lake Taupō (Love Taupō) are working with iwi and the wider community to develop a Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the future of tourism in the Taupō district. One of the key goals of the plan is to ensure tourism exists in a […]

What does Turangi have to offer in Te Reo!

It is forty years since Poi E was produced in 1982 by the Patea Maori Club, topping the charts and sending the club to the UK for a Royal Command Performance. An extraordinary achievement! It was composed as a response, a symbol of hope to cheer up locals who would not survive the closure of […]

What attracts tourists to the Taupo region?

As Taupo council are holding several meetings to provide residents with the opportunity to contribute to their “Strategic Destination Management Plan” it is interesting to compare the same questions on what was the only social media back in 1964 – 58 years ago. Turangi town had not been started back then. There were only a […]