Daily Report

Last ten reasons to visit Turangi – 41 to 50

Previous four TRM reports have listed 40 reasons to visit Turangi and other amazing attractions – such as the most popular one-day walk in NZ (had you noticed it had not been listed?) – still keep emerging.  These were in response to a series of fifty reasons listed to encourage tourists to visit Sweden.  Turangi […]

More reasons (31-40) for visiting Turangi

Updated from December 2, 2022 More irresistible reasons to holiday in Turangi Over the last three days TRM have listed the first thirty reasons for tourists to visit and stay in Turangi. Remarkably there are still more.  No other town in NZ could match such a diverse range of holiday activities and recreational pursuits… These […]

Ten more reasons to visit Turangi…

Update from November 16, 2018 Ten more reasons 21 to 30 tourists prefer Turangi for summer holidays. Over the last two days TRM inmates listed 20 wonderful enticing irresistible unique reasons to visit Turangi. Today we have ten more for you to try to resist.  Don’t fight it.  It is natural emotion to want more.  […]

10 more reasons to visit Turangi

(Updated from December 2019) Ten more reasons to visit Turangi… Continuing from yesterday…Fifty reasons to visit and stay in Turangi. As Toe-paw council now try to promote Turangi as the “Gateway to the National Park” (?) these fifty reasons are to encourage tourists to stay and play here instead. OK? TEN BETTER REASONS TO PLAN […]