Daily Report

Where are all the Tongariro brown trout?

A frustrated inmate does not believe there are any Brown Trout left in the Tongariro River, so I offered to post a few photos of some inmates’ examples that were not released over the last few years as evidence… This is for those who are losing hope… Based on the results, or lack of results, […]

TRM coincidences?

Another story following Cyclone Gabrielle a year later. When there are no fishy tales from inmates we get desperate for a Monday story. Turangi has been enjoying a fine long dry summer which results in the garden drying out and struggling. The river delta substrata and pumice soils provide good drainage, rather than moisture-retaining soils. […]

The one bike trail that rules them all…

More on TRM’s BIG BIKING DAY OUT… Recently – on 5 Feb – TRM’s facebook blog was composed by keen bikie inmates who had just completed the BIG DAY OUT – a 40 km ride from the heart of the Kaimanawas back to TRM. Since then others have requested more info. Go to the link […]


For the one bike trail that rules them all… https://strava.app.link/6gcSdqt5VGb — TRM recently (5 February) posted another trail blog from keen bikers – see below. Since then other bikers have requested more info. even when they are not staying here! TRM can only provide a shuttle service for inmates – I know you understand… A […]