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Sunday 24 February

Posted on February 24th, 2008

Fishing Report

Have you noticed something strange in recent photos?  All are fishos from overseas enjoying fishing the Tongariro.  Where are all the Kiwis?  Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, peak rush hour on the Tongariro, there was only one car in Red Hut car park. 

Malcolm Fry & Kevin Neil had the river to themselves.  They targeted the swarm of trout in the Duchess with some success, but there are still oodles left in the river.  But they didn’t bring me any photos…
Aslo special note for WG.  We hear the TT mouth is finally performing again – fishos can walk right out to the drop off and some good fish have been coming out regularly.  But you have to account for a number of the worst slabs you have ever seen.  No sign of any smelt either…

First photo on top right is from last Friday – for all those who imagine they are too old and frail to try fly fishing…  This is George Lucas from Tasmania – 88 years young with his rainbow from nymphing  the Fan Pool – below Big Bend – last Friday.  Look at that for youthful enthusiasm…  He also happens to have a grandson guiding him called Andrew Christmas who took this photo.

Next photo left is Stuart Nicol from Newcastle Australia looking relaxed and hooked up in Bain Pool on Saturday. 

Stuart has been at TRM for a successful week fishing the Tongariro and is planning to return with his local team again in October in the hope of catching the end of the spawning runs.  He hooked several yesterday in the town pools and landed his last in Judges before packing it in on a winning note.

Then on right we have the USA Team – Cameron Weaver, Carrie Weaver with fish and Caroline Arthur on right – all from Maine USA, with guide Andrew trying to hide in the background…  They each landed a rainbow nymphing in the Cicada Pool and two from Judges Pool.